Policy Governance by KICA Members

At the foundation of the association are the community members who volunteer their time to serve this community on the board, committees and task forces.

The board is made up of six community member directors (serving three-year terms) and one director appointed by the developer, Kiawah Partners. Each winter, KICA conducts an annual election to fill any open seats, and the newly elected directors begin their term at the KICA annual meeting, typically in March.

2023 - 2024

KICA Board of Directors

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Jerry McGee


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Beth Zampino


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Lisa Mascolo


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David DeStefano


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Kevin Donlon


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Alex Fernandez


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Amanda Mole

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Your Island Representatives

Board of Directors

KICA’s Board of Directors is the governing body of the association and represents the interests of all community members. The board typically meets each month (view meetings calendar) to discuss important community topics and initiatives.
Community members are invited to attend and are asked for input at the beginning and end of each meeting. Members are also welcome to contact all board members at any time by email.

Serve on the Board

The board is made of six community member directors. Each winter, the association conducts an election to fill any open director seats. The elected directors serve for three years and begin their term at the KICA annual meeting, typically in March. Applications to serve open in the fall of each year, and all association members are invited to run for election.

Watch Past Board Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting - Nov. 9, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - Oct. 9, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - Sept. 11, 2023

Board of Directors Special Meeting - By-Laws - August 14, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - July 10, 2023

Draft By laws Community Discussion - July 6, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - June 5, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - May 8, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - April 10, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - March 13, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - Feb. 6, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - Jan. 9, 2023

Board of Directors Meeting - December 5, 2022

Board of Directors Meeting - Nov. 7, 2022


Community Voices on Island Topics

KICA has numerous committees and task forces comprised typically of community members, board members and staff. Committees offer ongoing advisement to the board in specific areas, like finance. Task Forces are created to execute a specific task or project and are initiated as needed.


Finance Committee

View the Finance Committee Charter.

The Finance Committee advises the board of directors in matters of finance, audit and accounting in order to further KICA’s mission of protecting, preserving and enhancing the association’s assets and services. The Finance Committee meets as needed and all meetings are open for community members to attend.

2023-2024 Finance Committee Members:
Lisa Mascolo (Board Treasurer/Committee Chair) Dale Schoon (KICA Director of Finance/Vice-chair), Jim DiLella (2023-2024), Paul Hennessy (2021-2025), Paul Hough (2021-2025), Bran Petranovic (2021-2025), Jeff Porter (2023-2024), Debbie Diddle (2022-2026), Michael Petrecca (2022-2025)

Serve on the Finance Committee
The committee generally seeks participants to fill open seats each February. Term lengths can vary.

Human Resource Committee

View the Human Resource Committee Charter

The Human Resource (HR) Committee is a standing advisory committee to the KICA board, established to confirm the reasonableness of KICA leadership’s total compensation and to ensure that effective policies are in place to enable KICA to retain, attract and reward its leadership.

2023-2024 Human Resource Committee Members:
Beth Zampino (Board Vice Chair/Committee Chair), Jerry McGee (Board Chair), Sarah Bond (Staff Liaison/KICA Director of Human Resources), Bert Hefke (2021-2024), Julie Fraunhoffer (2022-2025), David Loeser (2022-2025) and Ann Weiser (2023-2006). Shannon White (KICA COO) will attend as needed.

Serve on the Human Resource Committee
The HR Committee is comprised of four community members, including the board chair. The committee members serve three-year volunteer terms, beginning on Feb. 15. The committee meets several times per year.

Board Outreach and Education Committee

View the Board Outreach and Education Committee Charter.

The Board Outreach and Education Committee (BOEC) encourages members to serve on the KICA board. The committee hosts Board Service Info Sessions and helps to guide board candidates through the election process.

2023-2024 Board & Outreach Committee Members:
Lisa Mascolo (Board Treasurer/Committee Chair), Larry Hitchcock, Linda Connolly, Patrick Donnelly, Sandy Devine, Sue Schaffer

Serve on the Board & Outreach Committee
The BOEC is comprised of five community members, including one designated board member. The four community members serve two-year volunteer terms. The committee meets as needed, and is most active in the late summer and fall.

Our World Lecture Series Planning Committee

Our World is a committee of members that plans an annual schedule of educational lectures for KICA members at the Sandcastle.

2023 Our World Committee Members:
Frances Boyd (co-chair), Linda Dove (co-chair), Mimi Sturgell (co-chair), Leigh Cobb, Paul Hennessy, Karen Kadlec, Will Lehder, Dian Murray, Judy O’Brien, Ron Oye, Stuart Walman, Scott Whalen, Greg Zerkel

POPs Planning Committee

Property Owners’ Parties (POPs) is a committee of members that plans an annual schedule of events for KICA members. This committee originated in 1986 and came under KICA’s umbrella in 2023.

2023 POPs Committee Members:
Gloria Lengyel and Alex Fernandez (2023 Chairs), Eniko Nicolais and Steve Rolando, Maura and Brad McIlvain, Alice and Greg Arms, and Beth and Bill Thomae

Task Forces

Making a Real Impact

Amenities Task Force

View the Amenities Task Force charter.

The Amenities Task Force was established in 2021 to consider the island’s overall competitiveness in amenities, both now and in the future. This task force will evaluate trends, opportunities and different approaches to provide recreational, educational, wellness, social and service opportunities on and around the island consistent with a premier community, in alignment with community objectives. This task force is chaired by a board director, with participation from staff (COO and Director of Recreation) and eight community members.

Note: This task force is on hiatus.

Amenities Task Force Members
David DeStefano (Board Secretary/Chair), Shannon White (COO), Amy Cook (Director of The Sandcastle), Joe Buongiorno, Cherie Gallagher, Rajan Govindan, Jim McDonald, Debby Perelmuter, Bran Petranovic, Beth Thomae

Communication Strategies Task Force

View the Communication Strategies Task Force charter.

The Communication Strategies Task Force was established in 2023 to review the association’s member communication strategies, determine opportunities and evaluate trends. The goal of the group is to develop an understanding of KICA’s current communications matrix and provide recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of member communications, resulting in an updated Communications Plan.

Communication Strategies Task Force Members
Jerry McGee (Board Chair/Co-Chair), Alex Fernandez (Board Director/Co-Chair), Leah Burris (Director of Communications), Beth Thomae

Governance Task Force

View the Governance Task Force charter.

The Governance Task Force was re-established in 2023 to review the KICA Covenants and the General Covenants and make recommendations to the Board on possible revisions to these documents. As part of its interim and final process, the Task Force will hold a dedicated community meeting to solicit the input of all KICA members. Thereafter, the Task Force will make its final recommendations to the KICA board. Any changes to the covenants would require a vote of the membership. The task force consists of a board director serving as chair and up to eight member volunteers.

Governance Task Force Members
Kevin Donlon (Board Director/Task Force Chair), Amanda Mole (Board Developer Director). Member volunteers to be determined.

KICA/TOKI Joint Task Force For ARB Relationship Review

View the Joint Task Force For ARB Relationship Review charter.

The KICA/TOKI Joint Task Force For ARB Relationship Review was established in 2023 to review and make recommendations with regard to various architectural review issues on Kiawah Island. This decision was driven by concerns that have been expressed by many homeowners about the cost, consistency, and transparency of the practices of Kiawah Partners’ controlled Architectural Review Board (the KP/ARB), as well as the pending termination of the town’s Development Agreement with Kiawah Partners at the end of 2023.

The task force consists of two members of the TOKI town council and two members of the KICA board, one of each who shall serve as co-chairs. In addition, TOKI and KICA will each designate two persons to serve on the Task Force, and any other persons as may be mutually agreed.

KICA Task Force Members
Kevin Donlon (KICA board representative), David DeStefano (KICA board representative), Beverly Bunting and Madeleine Kaye.

Sandcastle User Group

View the Sandcastle User Group charter.

The Sandcastle User Group Task Force was established in 2021 to provide an official avenue for members to provide feedback and ideas on current offerings at the community’s member clubhouse, as well the overall “experience” and standards. This task force is led by KICA’s Director of Recreation and consists of more than 15 members, representing a diverse cross-section of the island’s demographics.

Sandcastle User Group Members
Amy Cook (Director of The Sandcastle/Chair), Beth Zampino (Board Vice-Chair/Board Liaison), Theresa Abernathy, Pris Adler, Russell Berner, Erin Burris, Lisa Buzzelli, Lori Chandler, Paula Griesbaum, SueEllen Hanan, Madeleine Kaye, Cathy Ladner, Karen Lombardo, Carol Medendorp, Richard Mortara, Barbara Patton, Rick Popillo, Terri Sewell, Lynne Toland

Security and Enforcement Task Force

View the Security and Enforcement Task Force charter.

The Security and Enforcement Task Force was established in 2021 to improve pedestrian safety, refine collaborative enforcement strategies between island entities, reduce traffic congestion and communicate rules to island visitors. This task force is co-chaired by board directors, with participation from KICA’s director of Security, representatives from the town and resort, and several community members.

Security and Enforcement Task Force Members
Jerry McGee (Board Chair/Co-Chair), David DeStefano (Board Secretary/Co-Chair), Tony Elder (Director of Operations), Mark Ruppel (Director of Security), Stephanie Tillerson (Town of Kiawah Island Administrator), Yvonne Johnstone (Kiawah Island Golf Resort Director of Security), Craig Harris (Town of Kiawah Island Director of Public Safety), Paul Petersen, Steve Rolando, and Mark Griesbaum

Other Recent Task Forces

Community Outreach Task Force (2020-2021):
The Community Outreach Task Force sought to provide members with a new platform to share ideas and concerns with the KICA board of directors. The work culminated in two sets of community outreach meetings and the establishment of an ongoing bi-monthly Conversations with the Board meeting for members to talk openly with their representatives.

Adaptive Management Plan Task Force (2020)
Through surveying community members, the Adaptive Management Plan (AMP) Task Force identified the threshold conditions on Kiawah that would be considered unacceptable impacts of sea level rise, flooding and climate change. The task force recommended that factors impacting these threshold conditions are monitored and that response plans for the thresholds are developed. See the AMP’s final report.

Technology (2020)
The Technology Task Force was responsible for overseeing the initial implementation of the Salesforce technology platform, which resulted in an online portal for members and enhanced member service capabilities.

Flood Mitigation (2019-2020)
The Flood Mitigation Task Force was responsible for the development of a comprehensive plan to address Kiawah’s known flooding susceptibilities. The plan resulted in the recommendation of six infrastructure improvement projects, which the community voted to approve in May of 2020. A five-year special assessment was established to fund the flood mitigation projects, and the infrastructure improvements are underway, to be completed by the end of 2022.