KICA Member Assessments and Fees

Kiawah is your private community

The association assesses community members annually to help fund the maintenance of Kiawah Island common property, repair infrastructure, and provide community services, like security and recreation. Annual assessment rates vary depending on the property owned: a lot is considered an unimproved property and a residence is considered an improved property.

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Community Funding

Assessments & Fees

General Assessment
Paid by all members, the general assessment goes into the Operating Budget. This covers the maintenance of common properties (e.g., association owned/leased roads, landscaping, lakes, leisure trails, and more), security operations (e.g., gate access, patrols and commercial access) and administrative operations (e.g., insurance on common properties, legal and accounting services).

Reserve Assessment
Paid by all members, the Reserve Assessment strengthens KICA’s reserve fund, which is used to repair and replace infrastructure on the island.

Sandcastle Amenity Assessment
Paid by all residential members, the Sandcastle Amenity Assessment supports the operation and maintenance of The Sandcastle facility and pools.

Segment Assessment: Vanderhorst Gate
The segment assessment is paid by members owning property behind the Vanderhorst gate (V-gate) to support the operation and maintenance of that gate.

Segment Assessment: Ocean Park and Preserve
The segment assessment is paid by members owning property in Ocean Park and The Preserve to support the cost of additional landscaping and maintenance.

Flood Mitigation Special Assessment
The Flood Mitigation Special Assessment was approved by members in 2020 to fund improvements to infrastructure that were designed to mitigate known flooding issues. This special assessment is billed in June to all members and will be billed annually through 2024.

Joint Member Administrative Fee
This fee is charged on properties owned by multiple households or entities. The property will be charged $250 for each additional owner household to cover the administrative costs associated with multiple ownership.

Property Status Change
When a lot’s status changes from unimproved (empty lot) to improved (lot with residence) a fee equating to half of the current year’s general assessment for improved properties is charged. The property status change occurs when the town issues a certificate of occupancy.

Regime Fees
On Kiawah Island, there are more than 31 regimes. If your property is a part of a regime, you may be charged monthly or annual fees for regime services. Contact your regime manager for more information.

Fees at Closing

Contribution to Reserve Fund Fee
A fee of 0.5% of the gross purchase price of a property, with a minimum due not less than the amount of the current year’s annual assessment. This fee is contributed to KICA’s reserve fund.

Property Sale Administration Fee
This $100 fee is collected at closing on each property transfer to cover the administration costs associated with ownership changes.

Recreation Center Initiation Fee
This fee is due at closing on new lot sales or homes not previously assessed. The fee is equal to the amount of the general assessment for an unimproved property. One half of the fee is charged upon lot purchase and the remaining half upon obtaining "improved" status.