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The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) is made up of approximately 2,000 full-time resident members and 10,000 part-time resident members. The association is lead by the Board of Directors and a staff of over 100 execute the association's operations.

KICA owns and maintains the island's common property, including infrastructure (roads, bridges, leisure trails, drainage, boardwalks), land and ponds. The association operates the beachfront Sandcastle clubhouse, Kiawah's main gate and Vanderhorst gate, the Rhett's Bluff boat landing, the Cinder Creek Pavilion and dock and the Eagle Point kayak launch. KICA offers 24/7 security services, recreational activities, encroachment permitting, and more.

The association was established on Feb. 19, 1976.

A kiawah boardwalk to the beach viewed through palm trees

KICA Board of Directors

Policy Governance by KICA Members

KICA's Board of Directors is the governing body of the association and represents the interests of all community members. The board steers major policy decisions, establishes and drives the association's mission and vision, and engages in community planning.

The board identifies the association's priorities in the Strategic Plan, which is reviewed and adapted annually.

Governing Documents

Governance the Kiawah Way

KICA’s governing documents, including the rules and regulations, strategic plan and covenants, provide the basis for all actions taken by the association.

Rules and Regulations
KICA's Rules and Regulations identify the rules of the island and associated penalties in the case of a violation. Rules and regulations supplement the Town of Kiawah Island's ordinances.

Covenants and By-Laws
KICA's covenants play a large role in protecting Kiawah property values by laying out the responsibilities of the association and property owners. They define member class types, voting rights, what actions require a member vote, quorum requirements, assessments, functions of the association, common property rights, architectural controls and general provisions. KICA enforces covenant compliance through the Livability Department. KICA's by-laws outline the governing structure of the association. They explain how the board and committees should operate and how voting and elections should take place.

The General Covenants deal almost exclusively with architectural controls and the restrictions established to protect Kiawah’s natural resources. The General Covenants grant the developer, Kiawah Partners, the right to set many property-related restrictions. Kiawah Partners created the Architectural Review Board (ARB) to administer many of these rights and provide primary design overview.

Association Policies

Guiding KICA Decisions

Governance Policies
Policies, approved by the board of directors, have been put in place to outline important governance processes, guide the association’s future leaders, and facilitate transparency to the community regarding how and why certain actions are taken. All active policies are available below for review.

Finance Policies
View the association’s Finance policies on the Financials page.

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Meet Your Staff

KICA Staff Members

Shannon White Image

Shannon White

Chief Operating Officer

Contact   |   COI
Tony Elder Image

Tony Elder

Director of Operations

 Sarah Bond Image

Sarah Bond

Director of Human Resources

Dale Schoon Image

Dale Schoon

Director of Finance

Mark Ruppel Image

Mark Ruppel

Director of Security

Leah Burris Image

Leah Burris

Director of Communications

Doug Walter Image

Doug Walter

Director of Land & Lakes

Ed Monahan Image

Ed Monahan

Director of Livability

Amy Cook Image

Amy Cook

Director of The Sandcastle


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    Locations and Hours

    Beachwalker Center

    Administrative Offices and Meeting Space
    23 Beachwalker Drive

    Member Services
    Monday – Friday:  9am – 4pm

    Pass Office
    Monday – Friday:  7am – 3:30pm

    Monday – Friday:  7am – 3pm

    Kiawah Cares
    Monday – Friday:  9am – 4pm

    Meeting Rooms
    Bobcat Hall, Magnolia Room

    Main Security Gate

    Kiawah Island Parkway
    For emergencies, dial 911.
    If the gate is experiencing a main phone line outage, call 843-990-3394.

    The Sandcastle

    1 Shipwatch Rd.
    7am – 8pm Daily
    See kica.us/sandcastle for specific amenity hours.

    Maintenance Facility

    20 Kestrel Court
    Monday – Friday: 7am – 3:30pm

    Rhett’s Bluff Boat Launch

    102 Rhett’s Bluff Rd.

    Cinder Creek Pavilion and Paddlesports Launch/Storage

    36 Blue Heron Pond Rd.

    Eagle Point Boat Launch

    222 Eagle Point Rd.