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Your Facility, Your Choice: Have Your Preferred Experience at The Sandcastle

We often say that KICA has a multi-faceted membership. Members are united in their love for Kiawah, but how they spend their time here, and with whom, varies dramatically. This diversity brought some challenges as the Sandcastle User Group and the KICA board worked to prioritize the member experience of some of our most limited amenities. Members themselves came first, but they also considered that many members’ experience could be improved by the ability to bring or provide access to guests. The updates to the access policies, which go into effect on Sunday, April 14, strike a balance; you get to choose what works best for you. 



The new policies have only two categories: members and guests. Members are those in the immediate member household, defined as the member (the deeded property owner/s), their spouse/partner, and dependent children under 23 years old. The member household typically resides together in a single location. 

Guests are everyone else: friends or family. (There are some exceptions; renters and other paid visitors don’t qualify for access.)

Children of members shift between the member or guest categories based on age. When they are under the age of 23 (and generally dependent and living within the member household) they are considered members. When they are 23 or older, they are considered independent adults, and they transition to the guest category along with all other family (parents, grandchildren, siblings and extended family) and friends. Members may bring guests with them, and authorize access while their guests are on the island without them.



Members must be at least 16 to check in but have unlimited access to the facility, provided they meet an amenity’s particular age requirements.

Oceanview Adult Pool

When the rules go into effect on April 14, we’ll be in the slower off-season for the Sandcastle. This means there will be no restrictions for facility users ages 21+ at the Oceanview Adult Pool beyond the limit of eight guests per household per day. 

Starting Memorial Day weekend, in-season access will start. During the Sandcastle’s busy season, members can bring fewer guests.

    • Monday-Friday: member household – 4 accompanied guests
    • Sat. & Sun: member households – 2 accompanied guests
    • After Five Access – no restrictions for facility users ages 21+ after 5 p.m. daily

Gym & Fitness

For members who prefer the members-only atmosphere of the Sandcastle gym, the gym’s busiest and extended access hours (before and after the facility closes) are available for KICA members only. After Five Access, starting April 14, means that members who prefer to work out with family or friends may bring guests (2 max, 18+) every day after 5 p.m.

While priority access is still given to KICA members, there’s no need to take on the challenge of a fitness class alone. Register up to two guests (18+) for a sweat session with you. Guests can be registered 24 hours in advance if space is available. See this month’s class schedule and register here.

The Wider Sandcastle Facility – Family Pool, Lending Library, Verandah, Summer Season Grill & Bar

Member households may bring up to eight guests per day or authorize up to eight unaccompanied guests per day ($10/unaccompanied guest). Guests of any age may use the Sandcastle’s amenities, provided they are checked in by a member or authorized guest over 16. Please make your guests aware of pool and facility rules. By authorizing unaccompanied guests, you authorize guest fees to be charged to your member account.

Expect information on accompanied and unaccompanied guests in the next few newsletters. See a complete look at the Sandcastle access policies and how they’ve changed for 2024 here