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Second August Supermoon Brings Another Round of King Tides, Aug. 29-Sept. 1

With a second supermoon in August, the island is also predicted to see a second round of king tides from Aug. 29-Sept.1. NOAA predicts tide levels reaching over 7 feet during the high tide cycle. However, it’s not uncommon for higher-than-predicted tide levels to be observed, and these may cause flooding in lower-lying areas of the island.

You can find near real-time tide levels at the Kiawah River Bridge on the same page as KICA’s beach cam. The chart includes a notification when tide levels exceed 9 feet and there is potential for flooding on the Kiawah Island Parkway.  

During a king tide cycle, KICA Security checks for water on roadways and cordons off these areas with traffic cones. We urge you to use extra caution while driving near tidal wetlands during a king tide.