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November Sees Vehicle Slowdown on the Island

In November, 154,384 vehicles passed through the main gate, or just over 5,100 per day. That’s a reduction of nearly 700 vehicles a day compared to just one month ago. The Vanderhorst Gate (V-Gate) saw fewer than 100,000 pass through to the east end of the island.

There were 207 violations recorded by KICA’s Security Department in November. Once again, the vast majority of those (75%) were for parking violations. However, a smaller category nearly doubled its annual total violations in November; 32 instances of trailers at residences were recorded, making up 15% of the month’s violations and 46% of the annual category total. 

According to KICA’s Rules and Regulations on parking, “Boats, trailers, mobile homes, campers and vehicles over one-half ton capacity (other than SUVs) may not be parked on a residential property, except while loading/unloading or in an enclosed garage, other approved enclosure or with approved vegetative screening.

Trailer storage is prohibited in many locations on the island. For example, while members may park trailers while using boats at KICA’s boating facilities from sunrise to sunset, trailers cannot be parked any of these facilities overnight.

View the complete November Security Report.