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KICA’s New By-laws Are Now in Effect

KICA’s by-laws outline the governing structure of the association. They explain how the board and committees should operate and how voting and elections should take place. In 2022, the board created a task force to review and update KICA’s by-laws. The task force had a number of goals including:

  • Ensure that the by-laws complied with (1) the covenants, (2) applicable South Carolina law, including the South Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act and (3) any applicable court opinions/decisions.
  • Improve KICA’s by-laws including clarifying them to reduce ambiguity and possible disputes, and simplifying them to make them more easily readable – in other words, make them more “user friendly.”
  • Provide procedures for actions allowed under the covenants and by-laws.
  • Provide for greater board and KICA transparency by limiting private or executive session meetings.


In early 2023, the task force presented a first draft of rewritten by-laws for community input, garnering feedback through an online form and a community meeting. A second draft created and shared with the community for input in June. The input produced a final draft which underwent legal review and was presented to the board for a vote of acceptance at the September 2023 board meeting. The board voted unanimously to approve the new by-laws.

The effective by-laws are available, along with KICA’s other governing documents, on the KICA website here.