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Guest Access: Sharing the Sandcastle Amenities With Your Family and Friends

Sandcastle access is changing – find out how you can bring or send your guests to use KICA’s community amenities when the changes go into effect on Sunday, April 14.

Who can come as a guest?

Your guests can be anyone who isn’t already a member: your adult children over 23, parents, siblings or friends. (Note: renters can’t be added as guests and aren’t permitted to use the Sandcastle. *See more info below.)

All guest access is tallied by member household. Guest limits (for example, 8 per day) mean that the total of guests brought or registered by all members of the member household must not exceed eight. (Learn about the member household and member access here.)


Accompanied Guests

We know that the member experience can be improved by sharing time with other family and friends. For this reason, when you bring accompanied guests with you, they benefit from your access by being able to use some of the Sandcastle’s more limited amenities. Accompanied guests are not subject to guest fees.


After Five Access at the Sandcastle’s boutique gym means you can work out with your guests starting at 5 p.m. daily (2 max, 18+). 

Fitness Classes

You can bring your guests (2 max, 18+) with you to fitness classes, as long as there are spaces available 24 hours before the class. All fitness classes require advance reservations at

Oceanview Adult Pool

There are additional seasonal limitations at the Oceanview Adult Pool. All guests and members using this pool must be 21+

Off Season Access (Labor Day-Memorial Day)

        • Bring up to 8 guests with you

Summer Season Access (Memorial Day Weekend-Labor Day Weekend)

        • Monday-Friday – Bring up to 4 guests with you
        • Saturday & Sunday – Bring up to 2 guests with you
        • After Five – Bring up to 8 guests

Family Pool and Wider Sandcastle Facility 

Bring up to 8 guests per day to use the Family Pool, the Lending Library, the upstairs lounge/veranda, and the summer season grill & bar.


Unaccompanied Guests

If you’re not on the island or want to allow your guests to access the facility without you, you can submit up to eight guests per household per day for access via KICA’s member portal. (We’ll provide information on Friday, April 5 for submitting your unaccompanied guests.)

    • Guests must be 16+ to check-in.
    • A fee of $10 per unaccompanied guest per day or $50 per person per week will be charged to the member account.
    • Unaccompanied guests must be registered in advance within the member portal at (Unaccompanied guest submission capabilities are currently in development, and will be available in advance of the April 14 policy activation.) Access cannot be arranged in person at the Sandcastle.

Family Pool and Wider Sandcastle Facility 

Register up to 8 unaccompanied guests per day to use the Family Pool, the Lending Library, upstairs lounge/veranda and the summer season grill & bar.

Oceanview Adult Pool

        • Off-Season Access (Labor Day – Memorial Day) – pre-register up to 8 unaccompanied guests per day
        • Summer Season Access – After Five access only (ages 21+) – pre-register up to 8 unaccompanied guests per day

Fitness & Gym

        • There is no access to the Sandcastle’s fitness classes or boutique gym for unaccompanied guests.


*The term guest specifically excludes renters, lessees, licensees, timeshare members, vacation club members, or any other person who has paid, bargained, or bartered for the right to use the member’s property on a short-term basis.