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Board Unanimously Votes to Accept Conveyance of 3,325 Acres of Marshland

The KICA Board of Directors voted unanimously on Monday to accept the conveyance of 3,325 acres of marshland and lowlands from Kiawah Partners on behalf of KICA members. (View the discussion here. View the draft deed approved here.

The land, which is under conservation agreements with the Kiawah Conservancy, was the result of a commitment made by Kiawah Partners in the 2013 Amended and Restated Development Agreement (ARDA). The ARDA describes approximately 4,000 to 5,000 acres of lowlands and marshlands contiguous to Kiawah (view specifics) to be conveyed to KICA as common property. 

The conservation easements have been completed over time, beginning in 2017. The parcels, totaling 3,325 acres, conveyed to KICA include:

As noted in the meeting, 15 acres known as Kiawah River Marshland (West End) that abut the Pointe subdivision and Inlet Cove are not included in this conveyance but will be conveyed at a future date.