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Parking Tops October Rules Violations Once Again

October is a month that traditionally shows a slow-down in entry numbers at the main gate, as the summer visitation season ends. This year is no exception. In October 2023, 181,269 vehicles passed through the main gate, just over 5,800 per day. 

There were 198 violations in October. Seventy percent of those (140) were for parking. Miscellaneous and After Hours Commercial Activity were tied for the second-highest category, with 16 violations each. The miscellaneous category covers quality-of-life violations like visible exterior lighting, and towels or beach equipment being left out. After hours commercial violations are issued for commercial activity being conducted before or after the commercial access window (7 a.m. –  7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday) without approval.

See the complete October Security Report.

There were also nine violations for trailers at a residence. Did you know that the association has rules against parking boats, trailers, mobile homes, campers and vehicles over one-half ton capacity (other than SUVs) at a residence? It’s true; these vehicles can only be parked on a residential property if “loading/unloading or in an enclosed garage, other approved enclosure or with approved vegetative screening.”

Want to avoid a violation? You can find the island’s rules on boat parking, regular parking and more in the Rules and Regulations document.