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2024 Election Results

Congratulations to Directors-elect:

  1. DWIGHT WILLIAMS: 3-year term
  2. PAUL HENNESSY: 3-year term
  3. CHERIE GALLAGHER: 2-year term

58.8% of the community participated in the 2024 Board of Directors Election, held between Jan. 15 and Feb. 15, 2024. The quorum requirement was met on the evening of Monday, Feb. 12, when the vote exceeded 51% participation. 97.6% of ballots were cast online. 

This year, three seats were open: two for 3-year terms and one for a two-year term. As the seats are allocated by the highest number of votes (per a board resolution), Dwight and Paul will serve on the board for three years, through the annual meeting in 2027, and Cherie will serve through the annual meeting in 2026. 

Before being officially seated on March 21, 2024, your directors-elect will participate in a strategic planning session with all current board members.

KICA would like to thank all seven candidates for volunteering to serve our special community!