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Why Vote in This Year’s Uncontested Election?

The annual KICA Director Election is now open. Now is the time to cast your ballot and participate in the annual election! You will be voting for the open seat on the board of directors as well as assigning your proxy for the Annual Meeting.

This year’s candidate is Kevin Donlon, a part-time resident and KICA member since 2009. Get to know Kevin by watching his video statement and candidate forum videos here, read his candidate statement here, and find complete info at kica.us/vote.

But since there’s only one candidate, you may be wondering: Why vote in an uncontested election at all?

The board of directors represents your interests on the island while planning to meet the island’s future challenges, something most property owners care deeply about. While this year’s election is uncontested, your vote is just as essential as it is every year!

Due to the structure set out by KICA’s governing documents, a quorum of 51% must be received for this election to be valid. That means that 4,819 individual votes must be cast by Feb. 16 at noon; if not, a second election will be necessary, at additional expense to the association and the membership.

To avoid this, please cast your ballot and assign your attendance proxy as soon as you can.