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Weekly Mosquito Monitoring and Abatement Spraying: April Through October

We’ve all noticed it: as the weather warms, more people and more mosquitoes are out and about on the island. With your comfort in mind, KICA controls the mosquito population in warmer weather with both larvicide and adulticide applications on an as-needed basis.

Each week, April through October, KICA’s Lakes team conducts mosquito counts in each of the island’s 30 zones to determine if an application is needed. (See the zone map and find your zone here.) When counts show that mosquito activity is high, the zone is sprayed in the pre-dawn hours (4-6 a.m.) with a mist of adulticide from a truck-mounted sprayer.

Spray application is typically scheduled for Friday. If you’re curious which zones will be sprayed on a given Friday, check the KICA website each Thursday. If an application is scheduled, an alert will link directly to the spray notice.


View this article for more information on KICA’s mosquito abatement strategies.