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Meet Your New Board Vice-Chair, Dwight Williams

SERVICE TERM: 2024-2027 | VICE-CHAIR: 2024-2025

Vision and Objectives for KICA

Transparency. I am hesitant to use the word because it is often stated, but not well implemented. Owners are entitled to know the reasoning behind major decision making and provide input into issues that impact their significant investment in Kiawah. We, as a community can do better in discussing beforehand, explaining the why, and a coordinated well thought out implementation. Everyone should feel, regardless of outcome, that decisions are made with the highest ethical standards and greatest visibility, and not behind closed doors. I will bring to the table a lifetime of experience in often high stakes negotiations at the federal, state and local levels forging positive outcomes with disparate stakeholders. The C in KICA stands for Community and it’s imperative that board actions are for the betterment of our Kiawah community and not special or personal interests. 

Professional Background

I am a graduate of the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University. My professional experience is varied, but concentrated in the areas of emergency management, public safety/security, and the investigation of fraud and corruption. Today, I advise corporations on security matters and advocate in the emergency management arena. In the federal sector, I was a senior executive and served among other roles as the Chief Security Officer for the Department of Homeland Security. I was the DHS representative to the National Counterintelligence Policy Board, and Chairman of the Interagency Security Committee, overseeing the development of security standards for all non-DOD federal facilities. While working at FEMA, I responded to numerous disasters including addressing the devastating aftermath of Super Storm Sandy and Hurricanes Irma and Maria. In the private sector I was the VP of Global Security for DynCorp International, providing security services to the corporation and our 30,000 employees located around the world. I also led our Protective Services contract providing security to the Department of State in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. My municipal law enforcement career culminated as the commander of the DC Metropolitan Police Office of Professional Responsibility that included all aspects of police and public corruption. 


Working in the public sector much of my life I’ve been involved in many community issues, helping find solutions to a wide range of challenges ranging from crime reduction to hurricane recovery. While living in Northern Virginia, I served on our HOA’s ARB for over ten years, chairing the ARB much of that time. In Kiawah, over the last three years, I have been an active member of the TOKI Public Safety Committee. 

Board Service Statement

Each person that volunteers to commit to board service brings with them unique experiences, skills, and vision. This diversity is what makes Kiawah Island such a wonderful place. What I will bring to the table is experience in emergency management, public safety and bringing groups together with often competing interests to forge an ethical and cooperative outcome. In the area of public safety, one thing we all love about Kiawah is the feeling of security and the privacy that we enjoy. However, with the rapid growth of the Charleston area, Johns Island and Kiawah, we will face an even stronger demand for Island access. How we address this challenge will impact overall livability ranging from traffic, security to front gate wait times. In the area of emergency management, as a full-time resident, I hope my skills are never required. But we all live and/or own property on a barrier island and it is imperative to strengthen our disaster resilience today so if needed, we will have the tools in place to implement a swift recovery.


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