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Two-thirds of August Rule Violations Were for Parking

Member David O’Leary captured the rules violation above and reported it to KICA Security. A verbal warning was issued.

August was a busy month on the island, with 206,389 vehicles passing through the main gate. That’s an average of more than 6,500 vehicles per day, but it’s lower than last year’s total by about 1,000.

With so many vehicles entering the island, it’s no surprise that parking was once again the largest violation category in August, with two-thirds (82) of the 123 violations. Miscellaneous was the second-highest category, with 32 violations. The miscellaneous category covers quality-of-life violations like visible exterior lighting, and towels or beach equipment being left out.

The report does not cover speeding enforcement, which was suspended by the board at its September meeting, pending review by the Security and Enforcement Task Force. 

See the complete August Security Report.

Want to avoid a violation? You can find the island’s rules on parking, exterior lighting and more in the Rules and Regulations document.