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Tropical Storm Idalia

Kiawah Escapes Catastrophic Damage from Tropical Storm Idalia

Thursday, Aug. 31 – 5 p.m.

Tropical Storm Idalia passed over the island Wednesday evening with wind gusts topping 53 mph and rainfall of up to 4 inches in some areas of the island. The storm coincided with an astronomically high tide (over 7 feet, in addition to 2.35 ft of storm surge inundation), causing flooding and the closure of several island roadways. Major flooding has subsided, but there are some areas of standing water and puddles across this island.

The storm surge inundation unfortunately caused some beach erosion. The western end of the island experienced as little as 5 feet of erosion and the eastern end near the Ocean Course lost up to 50 feet (view erosion map). However, there were no significant breaches in the dunes and only very minor damage to one boardwalk. The surge also damaged a dock at the Rhett’s Bluff Boat Launch, but it has since been repaired.

Downed trees and large limbs blocking roads, trails and boardwalks have been removed. Clean-up continues and small debris remains throughout the island. Members are asked to respect infrastructure and amenity closures while storm repairs are being made. If closures are in place, they are for your safety.



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