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Trailers Parked at Island Residences Increased 361% Over 2022 in December

Quiz time: can the trailers above be parked at beautiful Rhett’s Bluff overnight? See the answer below.

The island continued its slower pace in December, with fewer vehicles passing through either island gate than in November. 147,610 vehicles were recorded at the Main Gate, and 82,002 passed through the V-Gate. 

While October through December are typically prime months for deer mating and migrating, there were no deer-related accidents reported in December. Great job watching out for our animal pedestrians!

Rule violations were also down in December, at 103 compared to 207 in November. Once again, parking violations topped the list, making up over 80% of the month’s violations. However, one category showed a substantial increase over 2022 – violations for having a trailer parked at a residence increased 361%. 

Make sure you know the rules! According to KICA’s Rules and Regulations on parking, “Boats, trailers, mobile homes, campers and vehicles over one-half ton capacity (other than SUVs) may not be parked on a residential property, except while loading/unloading or in an enclosed garage, other approved enclosure or with approved vegetative screening.”

Be sure to remind any contractors working at your property that they can’t leave their trailers on-site without approval. Commercial trailers are not exempt from these requirements.

See the complete December report.



No! Trailers can only be parked at Rhett’s Bluff (or any of KICA’s boating facilities) while the member is using a boat from sunrise to sunset. Trailers cannot be parked any of these facilities overnight.