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Get the Party Started – POPs 2024 Event Lineup


Feb. 14 – Share the Love

March 10 – March Mad Men 

April 7 – Progressive Dinner

May 4 – Kentucky Derby 

Oct. 31 – Halloween (tentative)

Dec. 5 – Holiday Mix and Mingle


Alice Arms, the 2024 chair of the Property Owners’ Parties (POPs) Planning Committee, is looking forward to continuing the collaboration between POPs and KICA that started just last year. POPs historically functioned independently from KICA, as a social club for members. When the two merged at the beginning of 2023, all of that changed; events are now created for, and open to, all community members to enjoy and they now have a modest budget to elevate their events. 

POPs wants to mix things up. People change, times change. “That’s why we focus on light bites and themed events. We want to make these parties as interesting as possible.”

A few of the events in the POPs lineup are concrete each year: Share the Love for Valentine’s and the Holiday Mix and Mingle. The events in between change and that is where they can have a bit more fun and get creative.

This year in March, Alice and the team are introducing a Mad Men-themed, retro event with a dedicated martini mixologist and 50s and 60s themed appetizers. Inspired by the show, they are excited to add something really different to their schedule. A Kentucky Derby party will join the ranks of new events on the 2024 schedule. 

Last year POPs introduced live music to their events. “Everybody loves to listen to something, live music just adds to the ambience.”

Alice’s vision for POPs involves deepening their relationship with KICA. She is so happy to have a committee of volunteers working and integrating with KICA staff to produce something amazing. This collaboration has allowed them to market their events to an audience that had not previously been tapped into. “With KICA involved, we’ve been able to reach so many more members.” 

These events are a great way to get to know your neighbors, and even to get involved. “This is the perfect opportunity to meet islanders you normally wouldn’t, and to just get out.” POPs is always looking for volunteers and actively welcomes member input. You can contact Alice at [email protected] to join the planning committee or provide suggestions to the group.