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Trail Counters Support KICA Task Force

We know KICA’s leisure trails are popular. 98% of members selected frequent or periodic use in our member survey last year, but we’re digging deeper to see which sections are the busiest.

If you’re out on the island’s leisure trails, you may see counter devices on the trailside. Currently, these counters are on the Allee of Oaks & Sea Forest Drive trails, but will be moved to various locations around the island. The data these counters provide will support the work of KICA’s Amenities Task Force.

The Amenities Task Force was established in 2021 to consider the island’s overall competitiveness in amenities, both now and in the future. This task force will evaluate trends, opportunities and different approaches to provide recreational, educational, wellness, social and service opportunities on and around the island consistent with a premier community, in alignment with community objectives. This task force is co-chaired by board directors, with participation from staff (COO and Director of Recreation) and eight community members. View the task force charter and information on other KICA task forces on the Board and Committees page.