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Thank You Jerry, Beth, and Alex!

Our board of directors is composed of six community members and one developer appointed director who volunteer their time to serve our community. This year, three of those directors are completing their terms of service. Jerry McGee (Chair), Beth Zampino (Vice-Chair), and Alex Fernandez (Director) have diligently worked to serve our membership over the past several years. 

The board of directors met with the three directors-elect Dwight Williams, Paul Hennessy, and Cherie Gallagher for a working session. Our outgoing directors shared ongoing initiatives and next steps with the directors-elect to promote continuity across terms and to introduce new perspectives to island issues. At the upcoming Annual Meeting, we will say our farewells to our outgoing directors and soon welcome in some new faces. 

Thank you to all who have volunteered their time for our membership! Service on the board and on committees and task forces does not go unseen. Learn more about our island governance here.