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Shortest Month of the Year Doesn’t Fall Short in Parking Violations

It may be a leap year but February was still brief, and it managed to rack up 296 rule violations. 76% of these violations pertained to parking – that’s 224 parking violations! Another 15% of rule violations were attributed to trailers parked at residences. Avoid violations and fines by reading our rules and regulations. Be sure to share this information with your contractors to help them avoid these citations as well.

Our main gate welcomed 161,995 vehicles onto the island in February – about 5,586 cars per day on average. During the same time, 96,632 vehicles passed through the V-Gate. In January 2024, 141,038 vehicles were recorded at the Main Gate, and 79,887 passed through the V-Gate.

The island is getting busier slowly but surely. Make sure you and your guests are prepared for the increased traffic we will see on the island by familiarizing yourself with our gate access policies.

View the full February Security Report here.