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Sandcastle Access for Members’ Unaccompanied Guests

As many as 80% of KICA members spend the majority of their time in another community instead of Kiawah. So it makes sense that many members want to be able to send their guests to use their community amenities when they aren’t on the island, or when they prefer the convenience of authorizing access from home. Starting Sunday, April 14, you’ll be able to do just that, as the access policies change to allow unaccompanied guests for all members.

As a reminder, the guest category will include family and friends: your adult children over 23, parents, siblings or friends. (Note: renters aren’t permitted to use the Sandcastle, and do not qualify as guests.)

Guests who will accompany you to the Sandcastle require no registration and will receive complimentary access. (Members may generally bring up to eight guests daily, but there are amenity-specific restrictions for the Oceanview Adult Pool and gym/fitness classes.) Guests who visit the Sandcastle without their member-host must be registered in advance by the member, and a $10/per person daily fee (capped at $50/per person if they visit six or seven days in a scheduled visit) will be charged to your member account.

Any friends or family can qualify for unaccompanied access, but you’ll need to submit any “unaccompanied guests” in KICA’s member portal before they arrive so they can access the Sandcastle during an authorized visit. (Note: this is for unaccompanied guests only. You may bring your accompanied guests with you at any time, and they require no registration.)


Before the Visit

Members can submit their unaccompanied guests starting Friday, April 12 in the member portal.


  • Log in to your member portal account at kica.us/login.Salesfor
  • You’ll navigate to My Account in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Below you’ll see your account info with a Members & Guests tab next to the Family Info tab. Click it to view the KICA members in your household and Guests who you plan to authorize for unaccompanied Sandcastle Access.


  • Step 1 – Add Your Guest Names/Info:
    • Under Guests select the dark green Add Guest button. You’ll add your guest’s name, birthdate and relationship to you. The name of your guest will remain in your account until you delete it. Please note that you must complete step two, where you authorize the dates of their visit, for your guest to visit the Sandcastle unaccompanied.

  • Step 2 – Add the Dates they Are Authorized to Use the Sandcastle:
    • Under Guests select the Add Visit button. You can enter visit dates that span up to seven days, but if you’d like to authorize more dates, you can enter additional visits. Select the guest/s you’re authorizing on those dates from the list of your guests.
    • By authorizing unaccompanied access, you are also authorizing the guest fee charge ($10/person per day, or $50 per person per week) to your member account when your guest/s checks in at the Sandcastle.
    • After adding a guest visit you’ll receive an email confirmation.

Don’t have a login for the member portal? Contact [email protected] with your email address to be ready to submit your unaccompanied guests.


During the Visit

  • Set up the best experience for your guests by letting them know which amenities they can expect to use at the Sandcastle. You can also print this handy chart for your guests.
  • Guests 16+ will check in at the front desk. Guests younger than 16 must be accompanied by a guest 16+.
  • All guests should be ready to show ID if asked at check-in.
  • Remember that unaccompanied guests cannot be registered in person at the Sandcastle. They must be registered in advance online. Sandcastle staff cannot authorize guests on behalf of the member. Make sure to submit your guests in the member portal and add a visit for when they expect to enjoy the Sandcastle.

You can find all the information on the new Sandcastle access policies here. You may also contact the Sandcastle at [email protected] with specific questions.

*The term guest specifically excludes renters, lessees, licensees, timeshare members, vacation club members, or any other person who has paid, bargained, or bartered for the right to use the member’s property on a short-term basis.