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Rinse Stations Added at Five KICA Boardwalks

In 2022, KICA’s Amenities Task Force conducted a pulse poll to assess new or upgraded amenities to the community, resulting in a list of eight recommendations for implementation to the board. Number five on that list was adding rinse stations to the most heavily used boardwalk showers. 

KICA has been working toward the goal of adding shower and rinse station amenities to association-owned boardwalks and most recently installed them at boardwalks 9, 13, 32, 35 and 39. The majority of KICA’s boardwalks now have showers or rinse stations and the association will continue installations on the final few boardwalks, where water is accessible, in the new year.

A recent storm took some of our boardwalks briefly out of commission, but have all since been repaired. All boardwalks, showers, and rinse stations are open and ready for use!