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Meet Your New Board Chair, Kevin Donlon

Service Term: 2023-2026 | Chair: 2024-2025

Personal Background

My wife Beth and I began vacationing on Kiawah with our young children in 2004. We purchased our current home in the Village of Turtle Beach in 2009, which has been a gathering place for family and friends for the past 13 years. Since 2018, we have spent approximately one-third of the year living and working on Kiawah. We appreciate the simpler lifestyle of Kiawah and enjoy biking, walking our dog and reading on the beach. When away from Kiawah, we reside in Charlotte, NC where we raised our two children over the past 24 years. 

Professional Background

For over thirty years, my professional career spanned all facets of real estate finance, ownership, and management. After graduating from Penn State University in 1990, I spent seven years working as a CPA and auditor. In 1997, Beth and I moved to Charlotte, NC where I joined Bank of America’s commercial real estate group. In 2004, I chose an entrepreneurial path and launched two separate advisory and investment businesses that I subsequently sold to BlackRock and New York Mortgage Trust. I now work part-time as a real estate investor. More than half of my career has been spent leading organizations as a CEO and owner. I successfully managed partnerships with customers, team members and investors through challenging environments. I understand what it means to be directly accountable and to deliver results for the people who entrust me. 


I have learned that there are many precedents and best practices for good governance. During college I worked in the recreation department of one of Maryland’s largest homeowners associations. My first job out of college was as a public auditor for homeowners associations. Throughout my career I have been hands-on with housing and hospitality organizations ranging from large institutional property owners to small homebuilders, including the formation of boards and associations. I have also served on both private equity and public company boards and understand the responsibilities of a fiduciary. I have always been able to reach consensus with my fellow board members and solve problems in a professional and pragmatic manner. 

Board Service Statement

My motivation to serve on the KICA Board is straightforward. I am 54 years old and plan to spend the majority of my remaining years on Kiawah. I care most about the betterment and livability of the community. I hope to bring the fresh perspective of a part-time, mid-island resident and I will focus on two key issues:

  • Kiawah faces many growth-driven, governance and economic issues as it transitions to a stabilized community. Residents, KICA, the Resort, KDP and TOKI all have issues they would like to see addressed and each has something to offer. KICA, as the primary voice of the community, and steward of so many of its assets, should encourage all the island’s stakeholders to work in partnership and it should lead negotiations for an updated and sustainable working agreement among the parties. In such a partnership, the residents must come first.
  • KICA’s primary responsibility is to maintain the jewel that is Kiawah Island. KICA must retain this focus and diligently direct its capital expenditures to maintain the island to the highest standards. I see this as an ongoing challenge for the KICA Board and I see a continued need for updates in areas such as aging landscaping, gate access, leisure trails and worn-out signage.

My pragmatic approach and relevant experience will allow me to be a productive member of the KICA board. I pledge to bring a balanced and business-like approach to address the concerns of all our residents.

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