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KICA’s Board to Consider Resolution Updating the Sandcastle Access Policies Following Member Feedback

KICA’s board of directors will consider a resolution at its next meeting on Monday, Feb. 5 to update the Sandcastle access policies to better meet their goals for the community clubhouse.

In February of 2023, the KICA board of directors voted to enact changes to Sandcastle’s access policies recommended by the Sandcastle User Group, following over a year of study and debate by the member group. The board was guided by two principles for the Sandcastle facility:

  • Sandcastle is a member facility.
  • The goal is to preserve members’ experience versus managing to capacity.

At the time, the board committed to monitor the access policies and review them after the 2023 summer season. The Sandcastle User Group again aided in this process, reviewing the effectiveness of the access policies after the 2023 summer season and making recommendations on revisions. These recommendations were presented to the board at their meeting on Jan. 8 (view the presentation).

The board gathered additional feedback from the community at a town hall meeting with virtual and in-person attendance (view the town hall meeting video). At a workshop on Jan. 23, the board discussed the Sandcastle User Group recommendations and reviewed KICA member input and usage data from the Sandcastle.

The changes the board will consider include: allowing some accompanied guest access to KICA’s boutique fitness facility and fitness classes, removing access limitations for the Oceanview Adult Pool during the off-season and after 5 p.m., and allowing unaccompanied guests to access the facility. These changes are being considered to meet the needs of both full- and part-time members and their families.

Considered Changes:

Members and Guest Categories of Access

      • A Member is the legal owner of a residential property, For access to the Sandcastle, a member’s access includes their immediate household, to include their spouse/partner and their children under the age of 23 years old.
      • A Guest is anyone else – family or friends. (A guest does not include any short-term renter of a residential property.)

Accompanied and Unaccompanied Guests

      • Member households may bring up to eight accompanied guests per day. There are no guest fees for accompanied guests.
      • Member households may allow up to eight unaccompanied guests per day.
        • Ages 3+. Guest fees apply ($10 per person per day, or $50 per person per week, as selected by the member at registration).
        • Unaccompanied guests must be pre-registered online, at least five days in advance.

Check-in Age

      • Lower the check-in age to 16 for the facility. Check-in for use of the fitness area (18+) and Oceanview Adult Pool (21+) will remain unchanged.

Gym and Fitness

      • Sandcastle Fitness Classes – A member household may bring up to two guests to the fitness classes, based on space available. Guests (18+) may be registered for a class by a member, 24 hours before the class. A member must remain with the guest(s) during the class. No guest fees will be applied.
      • Sandcastle Gym – From 5 p.m. to close, a member household may bring up to two accompanied guests (18+). The member must remain with the guest(s). No guest fees will be applied.

Oceanview Adult Pool

      • In-season access
        • Monday-Friday: a member household may accompany up to four guests to the facility.
        • Saturday and Sunday: a member household may accompany up to two guests to the facility.
        • From 5 p.m. to close, there are no additional restrictions on access. Any facility user 21+ may use the Oceanview Adult Pool.
        • July 4th Holiday Weekend: for the busiest weekend of the year, access to the Oceanview Adult Pool will be restricted to members and up to two member household guests.
      • Off-season access
        • No additional restrictions on usage. All facility users 21+ may use this area.

Family Pool

      • The Family Pool area will be open to all facility users with no seasonal restrictions.

For a complete look at the changes being considered, view the member agenda and draft resolution here.