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Learn About the Approved Sandcastle Access Changes

The following recommendations were voted on and approved by the KICA Board of Directors on Feb. 6, 2023.

The Sandcastle User Group, a group of 17 community members of all demographics (part-time and full-time) who use The Sandcastle’s amenities, spent more than a year in discussion about how to reduce overcrowding, make complimentary access more equitable across the membership, and simplify access policies at this member facility.

These new policies will go into effect beginning Monday, April 10.



The user group’s charter was approved by the board in July of 2021, and the board selected users for the group in August.

In order to gauge community concerns, the group put out a pulse poll in April of 2022. KICA received 1,930 responses. (View the results presentation here.)

  • 41% of responses were from members who spend six months or more on the island annually.
  • 59% of responses were from members who spend fewer than six months on the island annually.

Overcrowding of amenities also tied for second place in a ranking of nine areas of concern in a board of directors poll taken in August.

In October, the Sandcastle User Group submitted six recommendations for the community and board to consider. KICA solicited member feedback from Oct. 21-Nov.18, and received 264 written responses to the proposals. The board hosted a town hall meeting on Nov. 15 to hear from members in person.

After receiving this feedback from the community, the user group further revised their recommendations and, in February of 2023, KICA’s board of directors approved the Sandcastle User Group’s recommendations for the facility (view the video of the presentation and vote).


Who Has Access?

The recommendations clarify who has access to KICA’s amenities at The Sandcastle. There are three types of people who may have access to KICA member amenities:

  • KICA member households: owners (spouse/partner) and their dependent children under 23. KICA member households pay an annual Sandcastle Amenity Assessment and have unlimited access to the facility. Must be 18+ to check in, and 21+ to use Oceanview Adult Pool.
  • Nonmembers with complimentary access: direct family (parents, adult children 23+ and their spouses/partners, or grandchildren only) and designated households (for those without direct family). These nonmembers may use the Family Pool, verandah, upstairs lounge, lending library, Castle Grille and Sandbar. Ages 21+ may use the Oceanview Adult Pool in the off-season only (Labor Day – Memorial Day Weekend). They are not permitted to bring guests or to use fitness facilities.
  • Guests: individuals visiting The Sandcastle with a KICA household member. Guests cannot access the facility without the member present. Member accounts are charged a $10 fee per guest. Limit 8 guests per household per day (except the Oceanview Adult Pool). Guests are not permitted to use fitness facilities.

View an easy-reference chart of the policies that will take effect Monday, April 10.


Verifying Access

The user group sought to preserve member access by ensuring that everyone using The Sandcastle has approved access. KICA members and nonmembers with complimentary access will need to check in with a photo ID. Members may use their Sandcastle card or another valid photo ID. Be sure to bring your ID with you when you come to The Sandcastle.

ID check-in will be required beginning Monday, March 27.


Promoting Equity

As part of the access changes, members without parents, adult children or grandchildren may designate up to four households for complimentary access. These households will receive the same complimentary access that family receives. The user group felt strongly that this new policy respects members with families by preserving access, as well as promotes inclusion for those without direct family. Members may designate these households once per calendar year.

In order to designate households for access, the member must not have parents, adult children or grandchildren listed with KICA. To apply for access, complete the application here. KICA members with direct family do not need to resubmit those to KICA for complimentary access.


Prioritizing KICA Members

Because KICA is a membership organization and all amenities are intended to serve members, the user group set out to prioritize member access to the most limited amenities, The Sandcastle fitness facilities and Oceanview Adult Pool.

Only KICA household members (18+) will be able to access KICA’s fitness classes or gym. There will be no fitness access for nonmembers, including adult children 23+. While this change may be disappointing for some members, the fitness facilities and classes at The Sandcastle have limited capacity due to their size.

From May 25 to Sept. 4, only KICA member household members 21+ (property owners, spouses, partners and dependent children 21-22) may use the Oceanview Adult Pool, though they may bring 2 individuals per household per day with them. During the season, members visiting the Oceanview Adult Pool must check in with front desk staff to receive an access wristband.

Nonmembers with complimentary access (21+) will have unlimited use of the Oceanview Adult Pool in the off-season. Currently, nonmembers with complimentary access may use this pool up through May 24. In season (Memorial Day – Labor Day weekends), access will be restricted.

All KICA members, as well as nonmembers with complimentary access, are welcome to use the Family Pool, verandah, upstairs lounge, lending library, Castle Grille and Sandbar any time these amenities are open.