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KICA/TOKI ARB Work Group Moves to Its Next Phase

The work group assembled by the community association and town to study Kiawah’s architectural review processes has completed its Phase I Preliminary Report and is continuing its work through the summer. The work group has established three focus areas for the coming weeks:

  • An analysis of how other large resort communities that are comparable to Kiawah manage their architectural review processes;
  • Recommendations for immediate steps that can be taken by the ARB, TOKI and KICA to improve service levels for the community; and
  • A proposal for a long-term vision for architectural control that includes a transition to community control.

A dialogue has been opened with Kiawah Partners to discuss the future of Kiawah’s architectural control processes with respect to oversight and governance.

The work group is targeting September for its next report to the community.

As always, please send any feedback to [email protected].