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KICA Begins Member Speeding Enforcement Friday, Sept. 1

(UPDATE: Member speeding enforcement was suspended by the board after community discussion at the September 2023 board meeting.)

Speeding enforcement is underway on the island. Along with Charleston County Sheriff Deputies, KICA’s has installed speeding enforcement equipment to capture license plate numbers of speeding vehicles and penalties will be enforced. Beginning today, Sept. 1, speeding members will be notified by KICA’s Security Department by email (or mail if no email is available) about their speeding and the penalties. Following a warning, penalties start at $50, billed directly to your member account and escalate with subsequent violations. Penalties are outlined in KICA’s Rules and Regulations.

This speeding enforcement initiative was directed by your board representatives in an effort to make our island safer. The initiative works in conjunction with commercial vehicle speeding enforcement, which began in June, to ensure members, their families and guests can experience the island with a sense of ease. While there’s always a reason to rush, taking it a little slower could mean everyone can get to where they need to go a little more quickly and safely, without unfortunate accident delays.