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Information about Frozen Pipes from Kiawah Island Utility

by Kiawah Island Utility’s Director of Operations Becky Dennis

The freezing temperatures over the weekend has caused damage to many customer services, especially in areas of exposed pipes.

The staff at Kiawah Island Utility, Inc. has been working around the clock to isolate services reported by owners and concerned neighbors. Please be patient as we continue to work to ensure that all reported damages are isolated. In most cases we are having to turn the water off at the meter.

In addition to the water line damages on Kiawah there is extensive pipe damages all around the Low Country which is impacting the amount of water supply delivered to the Island. We are able to maintain adequate storage volumes even though asked to reduce our supply flows.

For those that have active online accounts ( you are able to monitor your flows and set up “leak alerts” which are most helpful in events such as we are experiencing at this time.

Please know that we are working diligently to maintain adequate flows and prompt responses to the calls we receive. I want to thank those concerned neighbors that have called in leaks they found around their neighborhoods. I’m proud that we can work together as a team to continue to provide the service you deserve and expect.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Becky Dennis, Director of Operations