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Property Owners’ Parties (POPs) Partners with KICA to Expand Celebrations to All Association Members

Kiawah’s Property Owners’ Parties (POPs) group has operated independently on the island since 1986, making it one of Kiawah’s longest-standing member groups, with its own committee and membership. The group was formed long before the existence of The Sandcastle or any community association Recreation department as a social club, cultivating a calendar of well-honed events that have continued for decades.

At the beginning of 2023, POPs will retain its planning committee and schedule of parties, but KICA will help to expand communication of its annual schedule of events to all Kiawah Island Community Association members. The POPs committee will continue to craft events intended to spark meaningful connections between neighbors, and the community association will facilitate the execution of event operations.

Together, KICA and POPs will preserve the welcoming and lighthearted spirit the group was founded with:

“It is evident that the property owners want to establish a social organization to promote parties and other events so that all of the property owners may get together for fun. A small group of volunteers have started the organization and all property owners eventually will serve with this group, if they so desire. For lack of a better name, it is now called “POPs” (Property Owners’ Parties).” – from the first 1986 POPs Valentine’s Day Dance Flier

In 2023, all Kiawah property owners can expect to enjoy the following POPs events at The Sandcastle:



Feb. 14: Share the Love 
March 5: Progressive Dinner 
April 1: Spring Fling 
May 4: Cinco de Mayo Poolside Party 
Oct. 8: Fall Event 
Dec. 7: Tree Lighting

The 2023 POPs committee is led by Gloria Lengyel and Alex Fernandez (2023 Chairs), with support from Eniko Nicolais and Steve Rolando (Former Chairs), Maura and Brad McIlvain, Alice and Greg Arms, and Beth and Bill Thomae (POPs Communication). The committee will work closely with KICA’s director of The Sandcastle Amy Cook, event and member services manager Stephen Whitaker, events coordinator Ashley Tallent and Sandcastle operations manager Hayes Looney.

More POPs event details will be provided to community members in the coming months. We hope you’ll plan to attend one or many of these events and get to know your Kiawah Island neighbors!

Flash Back to POPs in its founding year of 1986: