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Get a Whole New Perspective in One of Kiawah’s Three View Towers

The association owns and maintains island amenities for use by Kiawah property owners, from the leisure trails to the Sandcastle. But don’t overlook the island’s view towers! The association owns three view towers that give you access to view you just can’t get anywhere else.


Blue Heron Pond Tower – Just follow the Preserve nature trail until the peaked roof appears, overlooking scenic Blue Heron Pond. Enjoy a quick rest before you continue down the trail to Cinder Creek or settle in for some shade in this secluded spot.


Marsh View Tower – It’s the spot to watch the sunset’s colors spread across the sky, an eagle’s nest with a river view. Take the walk out to KICA’s Marsh View Tower (off of Marsh Hawk Lane) in West Beach sometime soon and catch the breeze off the water. It’s the perfect end to any day! Check out a video before you go.


Marsh Island View Tower (77 Governors Drive) – This spot feels like a secret that needs to be kept, but we’re all about sharing. A short hike takes you from Governors Drive onto a walkbridge spanning Kiawah’s saltmarsh. The adventure ends at the view tower looking out onto the wide expanse of the Kiawah River and beyond. Check out a video before you go.