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Gate Access for Your Guests Made Easy

When you invite guests to your home, you want them to have a good experience coming to the island. As a property owner, you also want to know that island access is limited to approved visitors and guests. KICA balances these two needs with a guest authorization system, enabling you to authorize guest access in the way that works best for you: via a self-service website or app, by email or by calling the main gate.



Using KICA’s online gate access portal reduces wait times at the main gate! 

Authorize access for guests by logging in and inputting your guest’s information and dates of their visit. Then, email them a QR code, which they’ll present on their phone to gate staff at the main gate.  Staff will scan the QR code, which prompts the gate pass to print automatically, eliminating the usual steps of checking the system for the approval and manually printing the pass. It’s faster for your guests, which also means the more this is used, the more traffic congestion at the gate can be reduced.

Find information on getting access or using your account here. Note, the QR code voucher is not a pass. Guests still need to stop at the main gate (entering in the left visitor lane) to get their pass.



Email [email protected] and provide the member name, guest name, member address, and dates of stay. You’ll need to know your Security Verification Word (also called a verbal code or password). These codes were issued in February 2020, or when you purchased your property.



You can also call the main gate at 843-768-5566 to speak to a member of the Security team and have guest access passes issued. You’ll need to have all the same information as above (member name, guest name, member address, and dates of stay) when you call.