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Using Your Member Accounts

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Member Account

Manage your KICA member account.

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Features: Pay Online, View Bills, View & Edit Contact Information, Add Family Members & Sandcastle Guests, Participate in Community Groups

Account Activation: Members were emailed a prompt to log in and create a password to activate your account on Sept. 8, 2020 by m[email protected] Please locate your activation email and follow the provided link.

Tutorials: Overview, Manage Your Account Info, Pay Online, Contact KICA

Help: Contact [email protected] for assistance.

Gate Access Account

Manage gate access for your guests.

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Features: Submit Guest Gate Access Requests, Email Your Guest a Voucher for Rapid Gate Service

Account activation: Members were emailed a temporary password in February 2020 by [email protected] Please locate your activation email and follow the provided instructions.

Instructions: How to use

Help: Contact [email protected] for assistance.

App: ABDI GateAccess


Sandcastle Reservations

Make a pool session or fitness reservation at The Sandcastle.

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Create your own account at the above link.

Tutorial: Learn How to Make a Reservation

Help: [email protected] for assistance.