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Crabbing Not Permitted in Island Ponds

Crabbing on the island is something we see a lot of in the warmer months, but did you know that crabbing is not allowed in Kiawah’s ponds? Crabbing in island ponds can be dangerous because it usually involves raw meat, like chicken necks or wings, dropped into what is essentially an alligator’s habitat. 

Alligators are smart about looking for new food sources and this behavior can cause them to associate people with food, an outcome that means KICA and TOKI biologists have to euthanize these animals.

Our community was intentionally developed to integrate closely with the island’s natural abundance. This proximity to alligators requires vigilant awareness, respect and caution. Please help us keep members and wildlife safe by reminding your visitors and guests that crabbing in island ponds is not permitted. Crabbing is permitted and encouraged in the island tidal creeks and inlets.