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A Message from the Board

Dear Members,

The Governance Task Force and the Board of Directors have collaborated on new By-Laws for KICA and have recently sent them to the community for comments. We fully support the Governance Task Force and the diligent process they have completed over the past year.

The intent of the Task Force and the charge from the Board was to allow for a fair and meaningful process involving all members of the community. Our joint goal was to provide KICA with a well-vetted, durable document ensuring good governance standards for future years.

During this time, the Task Force and the Board have reviewed and discussed many changes to the document. While the Board followed the legal recommendations made by the Task Force, we chose to make changes to recommendations that were not bound by law, which is our prerogative. While many of those changes were minor and of a practical nature, the exclusion of Robert’s Rules and lack of Term Limits have raised comments from community members. These will be considered before any final decisions will be made.

We continue to encourage comments from the community and invite you to join an open discussion of the By-Laws on July 6 at 10 a.m., at Beachwalker Center.

KICA Board of Directors