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Update on 2024 Assessment Collections 

At the May board meeting, director of Finance Dale Schoon reported that annual assessment payments are 99.5% collected. Assessments were billed in January and due Feb. 8, 2024. As of Monday, 38 properties were delinquent in payment, representing approximately $78,000. This is down from last month’s report of 167 delinquent properties equating to about $500,000.

KICA implements the assessment collections process in alignment with the Financial Controls Manual (Chapter 6). Member rights for those with delinquent accounts are currently being suspended. This includes the deactivation of their member RFID decal for gate access and Sandcastle access. The association’s attorney will be mailing a courtesy notice informing the members that the next step will be a property lien if the assessment remains unpaid as of June 8. The KICA Board of Directors will review the lien list at their next executive session meeting on June 3.

KICA accounting staff will continue to reach out to these members to provide assistance with the goal of minimizing member impact and lien action.