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Thank you, Nancy!

(Nancy, pictured above in 2005 at the Sandcastle, two years after her start with KICA in 2003.)

Last week our beloved Member Services employee, Nancy Root entered retirement. After 21 years of dedicated service to KICA, Nancy is starting a new chapter of her life and we could not be any happier for her. 

Nancy was likely the face and voice that greeted you when you first purchased your home. She had a real talent for connecting with you all, our members, and creating lasting relationships. 

She was devoted to our organization and took great pride in her work. Nancy was often found taking care of the tasks that no one else cared to do – like fluffing the pillows in the lobby and watering everyone’s plants. 

Nancy is often characterized by her shining sense of humor and her ability to uplift others. She was everyone’s cheerleader, and her presence will be sincerely missed. 

Upon her departure she wrote, “The decision was very difficult because of how wonderful it was to work with Shannon White, the staff, and all of you. It was a pleasure working with all of you, and I will miss you and wish you the very best…I’ve worked my whole life and for many reasons, I don’t feel there is another company like KICA.”

We all said our goodbyes to Nancy at a humble farewell celebration last week. Our office cheerleader will be sincerely missed, and we wish her the very best in this next phase of life!


Nancy in 2008, after she moved into her administrative Member Services role.

Nancy in 2014, with her longtime member services colleague, RoShonda Brown.