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Shoulder Season Begins at The Sandcastle’s Two Heated Pools

Cooler weather is here and more is coming as fall approaches. Before that happens, remember that heaters are prepped and ready at the Sandcastle’s two pools. Both the Family Pool and the Oceanview Adult Pool are heated throughout the shoulder seasons in the fall and spring. Because of Kiawah’s wide variance in temperatures, the heaters will bump the pool temperature up to the set goal (76-84 degrees). Temperatures are dependent on a number of factors, including the ambient temperature, wind, sun, rain etc., but the heaters don’t run if the outside temperature is already keeping it there. That way, resources aren’t wasted.

The heated pools are intended to extend members’ enjoyment of the swimming season. The pools are typically heated through Thanksgiving; this year, the heaters will be turned off for the winter on Monday, Nov. 27.