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Meet Your New Board Secretary, Paul Hennessy

SERVICE TERM: 2024 – 2027 | SECRETARY: 2024 – 2025

Vision and Objectives for KICA

The existing KICA Strategic Plan is excellent and I whole-heartedly endorse its ‘vision for Kiawah’: 

  • Preserve and enhance the quality of life on Kiawah; 
  • Protect our property values; 
  • Take a leadership role in ensuring the Island’s unique look and feel is retained; 
  • Provide the exceptional stewardship that the KICA Community expects and deserves. 

My objective- with the help of the entire Community- is to live and act on these words. 

The island now faces several important and growing challenges: traffic, residential density, and increasing amenity/infrastructure burden. While at the same time natural habitats are threatened. The board must represent the community in aggressively mitigating these challenges. And do so in a manner that is fact-based, collaborative, and decisive. I plan to do my part as a board member. 

My top priorities: 

  1.  Adhere to the principle of ‘Designing with Nature’.
  2. Mitigate structural challenges. 
  3. Approve a continuation of the Governance Committee to improve and update the Covenants. 
  4. Negotiate a truly independent ARB. 
  5. Restructure the Board to exclude the Developer mandate.
  6. Ensure prudent and efficient financial management. 
  7. Support the continuing priorities of the Amenities/Sandcastle Task Force.

Professional Background

I have worked at regional, national and global financial institutions in a variety of responsibilities from risk management to direct business leadership with full P&L responsibility. I also served on multiple oversight committees and affiliate boards.

I have deep experience working collaboratively within complex organization structures. (This will be helpful in the Maze of K’s environment.)

Education: Notre Dame BA. Northwestern/Kellogg evening courses. United States Marine Corps: six month active duty and 6-year reserve status. NCO level. 


My most recent and relevant experience has been as a member of the KICA Finance Committee. The best example of my work was the initiation, design and approval of an Association report (posted on our website) showing 100% of cash and investment- and related purpose- this report is informally called ‘Where’s Our Money’. This met an obvious need and took over two years to finalize. 

Other areas of specific focus included:

  • Reserve Policy, process, adequacy, and transparency. (Work remains to be done!)
  • Drafted a new Conflict of Interest Policy for the Board and all Committee members; this was approved and adopted.
  • Contributed to updated and improved Financial Control Manual.
  • Significant work on improving our investment management practices and reporting. 

In addition, since becoming a permanent resident in 2019, I have attended virtually every KICA Board Meeting, making what I believe were/are focused and constructive suggestions. I have attended most Town Council meetings and several Town and KICA workshops/task-forces with important community mandates. All these efforts have contributed to a better understanding of critical issues and the relevant ‘players’. I have been an active and enthusiastic member of the ‘Our World’ Steering Committee. 

Board Service Statement

Key issues I hope to address on the KICA Board:

  1. Cohesive and respectful engagement within the board itself.
  2. Continuous engagement with the community. Listen and learn.
  3. Continuation of Governance efforts relating to Covenants, an independent ARB, and Developer Board representation.
  4. Efficient operations; disciplined budgeting and a strongly funded Capital Reserve.
  5. Improved Board responsiveness. When community members ask a question or make a suggestion, they are ALWAYS entitled to a real and timely response- and serious consideration.
  6. Collaboration with other Kiawah stakeholders.
  7. Support KICA staff; enhance job effectiveness and satisfaction


View Paul’s video interview.

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