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A Letter to Members from Board Chair Jerry McGee

Dear members,

Of late, your board representatives have observed a number of passionate viewpoints regarding issues affecting our current and future governance. Some were quite disturbing and, sadly, directed at current and former board and committee members. This is especially true for both the Governance Task Force and the Sandcastle User Group.

I’d like to remind you that all association board and committee members are volunteers who raised our hands to help Kiawah as a community. There are over 40 community association volunteers who have spent hundreds of hours striving toward this common goal of good stewardship.

As a diverse community, our viewpoints are equally varied. I urge us all to remember that treating each other with civility and respect should be the cornerstone of who we are on Kiawah Island.

I wish you all a happy fourth of July weekend!

Jerry McGee

KICA Board Chair