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KICA’s Nominating Committee Has Been Renamed, and Its Goals Redefined

At the Kiawah Island Community Association’s annual meeting in March, board chair Diana Mezzanotte announced the creation of a task force to review the purpose and process of the Nominating Committee. Diana noted that after considerable community feedback from recent board elections, the task force would conduct its review with the instruction that the Nominating Committee would no longer endorse board candidates.

Director Brad McIlvain led the task force, with the participation of director Sue Schaffer and developer-director Townsend Clarkson. At the July 13 public board meeting, Mr. McIlvain presented the task force’s recommendations, which were approved and accepted by the board.

To clarify the objectives of the committee, which no longer include endorsing candidates, the committee has been renamed the Board Outreach and Education Committee. The committee will continue to provide community members with information about board service and host an informational session, answering any questions from potential candidates before the fall registration deadline.

The committee will continue to gather and share full candidate statements and video interviews and will host a forum for community members to meet and hear directly from the candidates. Going forward, all of these things will take place before the board election voting opens.

After much consideration, the task force recommended that the committee not vet candidates because it raises a host of issues, including confidentiality and defamation. However, the committee will ask every registered candidate if they have been convicted of a felony within the last ten years, and this question and answer will be provided to members.

The Outreach and Education Committee will be chaired by a current director, this year Sue Schaffer, and include four community members: two former board directors and two members who have not served on the KICA Board of Directors. In this new format, the committee retains the expertise of directors who can answer candidate questions about board service, yet also involves members who have not participated on the board, ensuring that the recruitment of candidates extends beyond the board’s circle of acquaintance. Committee members will serve staggered two-year terms.

The committee’s revised charter is available to view here. If you are interested in participating on the Outreach and Education Committee, please apply here. The committee will be appointed by mid August.