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KICA Takes Another Step Forward to Achieve a Higher Standard of Maintenance for Island Infrastructure

One of the association’s core responsibilities is the maintenance of our island’s common property infrastructure – roads, bridges, drainage, leisure trails and boardwalks – inside of the main gate. In recent years, the board has prioritized this work, establishing clear definitions for the standard in which KICA should maintain common property. 

For our roads and leisure trails, an engineering consultant evaluated the condition of each, providing a rating: “excellent,” “good,” “fair” or “poor.” In a 2021 survey, the community chose “infrastructure” as the most crucial area of focus for the board in order to maintain the Kiawah brand, so the standard for road maintenance was raised to repave all roads in “poor” or “fair” condition, and perpetually maintain them at a “good” or “excellent” rating. This resulted in a large-scale road resurfacing project that was executed in 2022. 

Members also affirmed their desire for leisure trails to be maintained at the same higher standard implemented for our roads. In a 2022 pulse poll survey, this ranked as the top priority for proposed amenity improvements to our trails, boardwalks and boating facilities. As a result, KICA slated the 2.1 miles of trails that were rated below the new maintenance standard to be resurfaced in 2023.

So far, the leisure trail along a portion of Flyway Drive, called the “Allee of Oaks” has been completed. This trail was also widened from eight feet to 10 feet. As one of our most traveled sections of trail, the widening will make the trail safer for pedestrians and bikers to pass. In 2021 a four-mile section of trail running parallel to the Kiawah Island Parkway and Governors Drive was also widened, so now there is a continuous 10 feet wide resurfaced path from the entrance to the island to Boardwalk 32 (near the Flyway and Surfsong intersection). 

There are 1.3 miles of leisure trail that were also identified as below KICA standards: Oyster Rake’s trail and the Marsh Island Tower trails. These trails have since been repaved as well.