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KICA Policies Available Any Time on The Website

Above: Boardwalks are updated according to the board’s Boardwalk Construction Policy.

KICA policies are as varied as the Guidelines of Governance of KICA Operations (2015) and the Boardwalk Construction Policy (2017), but the have one thing in common: they are all available for review at any time on KICA’s website.

Policies, approved by the board of directors, have been put in place to outline important governance processes, guide the association’s future leaders, and facilitate transparency to the community regarding how and why certain actions are taken. While important, they are enacted infrequently; there are currently just 10 active policies in place, with effective dates spanning from 1993 to this year. In 2024, two policies have been added: Policies related to the Board & COO and the Governance Procedures Manual.

To find policies, visit the About KICA page, and navigate directly beneath the association’s governing documents for all active policies. Toggle the + sign to expand and view.