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Kiawah Cares is Evolving and Thriving

Since its inception six years ago, Kiawah Cares has evolved from a strategic objective of the Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) into a fully functioning 501c3 foundation. In the first few years, KICA provided the bulk of the funding and most of the manpower for programs. As the Kiawah Cares Foundation (KCF) has progressed, support has grown from our volunteer and donor base, and dependence on KICA for funding and manpower has diminished. KICA will continue to provide administrative support in the form of office space and leadership, in order for KCF’s overhead to remain low, but KCF is close to standing alone, due to Kiawah’s incredible community.

From the beginning, KCF was managed by KICA’s Tammy McAdory, a Johns Island resident passionate about Kiawah’s potential to positively impact the lives of neighboring Sea Islanders. With Tammy’s recent retirement, KCF has become the responsibility of KICA’s Executive Office Administrator Holly Newman. Holly is also a Johns Island resident who shares a commitment to community service. Holly is supported by long-time KICA employee and KCF programs assistant Carla Howard.

The past few years have provided insight into how the Kiawah community can provide the greatest positive impact on our neighboring Sea Islands community. Our members have generous hearts for students, education, and the underprivileged, and focusing on programs where Kiawah’s interests lie, will maximize our impact on Johns and Wadmalaw islands. KCF has built great relationships with other local non-profits, like Reading Partners, Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach, the Kiawah Women’s Foundation, and Community Home Improvement Project, and has discovered how to leverage partnerships to the greatest benefit of our Sea Islands community.

In the weeks to come, KCF will share a calendar of events designed to promote the successes of our partners and to raise funds to allow continuation of our efforts. Without the time, talents and resources of our Kiawah supporters, KCF could not sustain. We look forward to much growth and success this year and invite you to join our efforts.