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July Security Enforcement Stats – Parking Was the Most Common Violation in July

Do you ever wonder how many cars are really entering the island, or how many covenant violations are being issued? You’re in luck! KICA’s Security team reports their pass issuance stats, covenant and rule violations, and vehicle counts for each security gate for the previous month. 

In July, the most common rule violation was parking. 156 violations were recorded, making up just over 75% of July’s total 201 violations. (Want to avoid a parking violation? See the rules for parking on the island here.) The summer season also means a spike in miscellaneous violations, the second-highest category at 24 violations. The miscellaneous category covers quality-of-life violations like visible exterior lighting (see the Rules and Regulation section on lighting), and towels or beach equipment being left out. Rule violations decreased overall with 808 reported versus 1,292 in 2022.

Verbal contacts, written warnings, and penalty citations are often made for things like not displaying a proper pass, parking in an authorized area with an improper pass, other parking issues, bicyclists on roadways, working after hours, noise, and boats at a residence. Enforcement totals were down; however, 128 penalty citations were issued–more than in July 2021 and 2022 combined. 

251,370 vehicles passed through the main gate last month, and 152,105 through the V-Gate. Most categories of non-cost passes issued by Security were down, with the exception of the Owner/Owner Guest pass category.

See the full report for July.