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Alligators on the Move in April

It’s the time of year when you will begin seeing and hearing more from alligators on the island. Along with warmer weather, which entices the alligators to bask in the sun along pond edges, alligators generally start courting in April, followed by mating in late May and early June. You may start hearing the males bellowing in ponds, signaling to the females that they are ready to mate. Female alligators will lay eggs and nest in June and July. Males pond-hop to find their mate, so you’ll likely notice more alligator movement across the island. Watch for alligators crossing roads and leisure trails. While it’s always important to put distance between you and an alligator, please be especially mindful in April through July. 

It’s important to remember that the American alligator is a protected species and, in South Carolina, it is illegal to harass, feed or relocate an alligator. If you witness these behaviors, please call 911. To report an alligator displaying concerning behavior, contact the town at 843-768-9166 during business hours or KICA security at any time at 843-768-5566.

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