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2023 Member Survey Results Now Available

The 2023 Member Survey, which gathered input from members for two week in May, received excellent participation from a diverse representation of members. Overall, members expressed general satisfaction with KICA’s amenities, services and infrastructure and low dissatisfaction.

Top priorities for improvement included these categories: Enforcement – Gate Access and Parking Violations (25% dissatisfied), Board Communication (23% of members who contacted the board felt ignored), and Enforcement – Covenant Violations (22% dissatisfied). The membership selected “amenities” as the most crucial area of focus for the board to maintain the Kiawah brand. Most members stated KICA’s current assessment amount “seems about right.”

Listen and watch the full presentation of the results from the July 10 board of directors meeting, or view the results below.

Overview of Results   –   Complete Survey Results   –  Summary of Member Comments