Community 2023 KICA Budget Presentation

Monday, Nov 14, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Over the last few months, KICA’s staff, board and finance committee have been involved in creating and refining the 2023 KICA Budget. At this meeting, a draft of the 2023 budget will be shared with the community. Input will be sought at the meeting, and members will be able to share feedback through the Dec. 5 board meeting where the budget will be voted on by the board of directors.

Learn how your annual assessments (billed in January) and other association income are used to maintain common property and provide services to this island. Hear about the factors that have influenced the 2023 budget and the and projects that are planned for 2023.

This meeting will be held virtually using Zoom. Attend online by registering for the Zoom webinar here.

Handout: 2023 Draft Budget

Resources: If you’re not familiar with KICA’s budget, start here. KICA’s 2022 budget and other financial documents are available here.