Board Supports Chair Schoenholz, Two-Campus Amenity Plan

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The KICA Board of Directors held a special meeting on March, 27 at 1 p.m. with all directors present. The purpose of the meeting was to address matters referenced in the letter from KICA Board Chair Schoenholz.

After a brief introduction and submission of the letter, Chair Schoenholz recused himself from the meeting and was not involved in any further actions taken. Chair Schoenholz offered his resignation, which was unanimously rejected. The board is confident that Chair Schoenholz has operated and served the board and community with the highest ethical standards. Dave has donated countless hours, effort and expertise with little regard from others. He is honest, tireless, intelligent and well-organized. The board highly regards Dave’s leadership. He is fair-minded, objective and the board continues to support him in the maintenance of his role as board chair.

The second action taken at the meeting relates to the board vote on Jan. 12 and is taken consistent with the recommendation of legal counsel. After discussion, the board ratified its decision to support a two-campus amenity solution. A specific comparison of two-campus versus one-campus plan will be provided in a separate email delivered to KICA members early next week.

The board appreciates Dave’s service, his integrity and his commitment to enhancing the experience of Kiawah Island property owners.