• COVID-19 Kiawah Update

    KICA is actively adjusting operations to protect our members and employees from the threat of COVID-19. CLOSED THROUGH APRIL 12 The Sandcastle - Events Cancelled - Fitness Closed (including after-hours access) - Pools Closed Beachwalker Center…

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  • KICA Announces Flood Mitigation Effort and Member Vote

    KICA has proposed new infrastructure that will significantly reduce flooding on Kiawah Island, and we are seeking your support. Voting is LIVE from April 1 through May 5. Learn more at kica.us/flood.

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  • April Digest Available Now

    Like so many of you, KICA and other island entities are rapidly adapting due to the serious threat of coronavirus. Operational adjustments have been made daily over the past couple of weeks. In the April…

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  • Get Your Sandcastle Workout Virtually

    Start your weekend off right with a Sandcastle workout! It's a stressful time and we know nothing combats stress better than a good workout. Now, you can workout with Sandcastle fitness instructor Susan Lozier from…

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  • KICA Launches Member Portal for Guest Gate Access Management

    The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) is pleased to announce a new online service portal to quickly and easily manage gate access for your guests. This service is available online at kica.us/gate or through the…

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  • Multi-Year Pond Edge Pruning Project Underway

    KICA’s Lakes Management team is conducting multi-year pond-edge pruning project to support the health of our island's pond system. Our scenic ponds provide vital habitat for wildlife, but also serve another critical function; Kiawah's 122 ponds are…

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  • Report Flooding to KICA

    KICA is working to understand, anticipate and mitigate flooding on Kiawah. We need your help to confirm and/or increase the accuracy of our knowledge about water movement on the island. If you experience flooding, whether on your property…

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An Oasis to Call Home

Kiawah Island Is Unique.

It’s a special blend of nature, wildlife, beach, resort, exclusive homes, and events and activities to please every palate. The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) is a nationally recognized community association that exists to preserve and enhance the quality of life and property values of its members. This includes taking the leadership role in ensuring that Kiawah Island's unique look and feel is preserved by exceptional stewardship of its resources, which provide for a beautiful, safe, well maintained, and friendly community.


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